Price changes, new staff, improved service and how we plan to make our business green.

After a tough couple of years I'm really pleased to say GO Waggy Tails is gaining momentum once again and so I thought now would be a great time to start implementing some changes to the services I've been planning for a while.

Over the coming weeks, I will be posting regularly on our new private clients only Facebook group about each of our upcoming improvements. I know most of you will have already joined our group but for those that haven't you can join via this link:

So, without going too indepth now, here is a brief overview of the upcoming changes.

- Our team is growing - Some of you will have already met Mel and in September, I plan to hire another full time walker to help out with the increased numbers. - Safer handling of keys - We are now asking clients to leave keys safely locked away in lock boxes whilst we keep a second set secure in our safe to help prevent keys from being misplaced, lost or stolen among other benefits. - Smaller group walks - Typically our group walks will now consist of no more than 4 dogs, capping at a maximum of 5. This allows us to provide more 1 on 1 care and attention, better matched groups and less travel time. - No more muddy paws - All our walkers will have a portable shower and plenty of towels to clean dogs off as best as possible after every walk meaning your dogs return home clean and dry. - GPS trackers on collars - There's no worse feeling than losing a dog which is why we wanted to introduce using a GPS tracker hung on the collars of all the dogs we walk. We'll know where they are at all times, even when they decide to go on their own walkabout. - Client bookings app - Soon, we hope to start using a pet service booking app to help manage all our dogs, clients and staff, making bookings and communication much quicker and easier. - Becoming green - Caring for our environment is a cause I feel very strongly about so my goal is to make our business carbon neutral. We will start this year by carbon offsetting all our carbon emissions from the vehicles we drive and plan to invest in 100% electric vehicles as soon as possible.

For all these goals to be achievable, which I hope will benefit everyone involved, our cost of services will increase slightly starting from the 1st of September. From September onwards, our group walks will be charged at £13 and our home visits at £8. For a full list of all our price changes please visit:

Please do get in touch if you have any questions or suggestions on how you think we can improve our services even more, or on any of the changes discussed above.

I look forward to your feedback.