• Age: 4 years

  • Breed: Sprocker Spaniel

  • Likes: Exploring and standing on benches

  • Dislikes: Sharing

  • Most often walked with: Normally just Ernie and I on our walks, however, he has walked with Max a few times

Ernie is an adventurer at heart and will always wander far and wide whenever we walk together. Luckily for me though, Ernie has fantastic recall. One toot on my whistle and Ernie will come running back to my side (especially when he thinks I'll have a treat waiting for him!)

Ernie and I walk one-to-one, so we've gotten to know each other pretty well by now, he is my four-legged adventure buddy! We always try to walk somewhere new each week and we never fail to have a great time on our walks, venturing down new pathways and up hillsides on the south downs.


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