• Age: 1 year

  • Breed: Labradoodle

  • Likes: Water!

  • Dislikes: His harness

  • Most often walked with: Darwin, Sydney, Jack


Digby is a larger than life type of character, full of energy and very playful. He is very fast on his feet (I recon he could give a Greyhound a good run for his money) and loves nothing more than bouncy around a field playing with other dogs.


Digbys greatest love however is water! If ever I was lost in the wild I'd hope to have Digby by my side. No matter where we walk, you can always guarantee Digby will find water of some sort, a  pond, a stream, even a muddy puddle is good enough. He will often zig-zag across a path just to make sure he walks through every puddle possible.


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